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Building Envelope Air Sealing

Six major benefits of installing Aeroseal Envelope in your new home, multi-family or commercial property.

Experience Dramatic Savings

See immediate savings of up to one-third on heating and cooling

Enjoy A More Comfortable Home

More consistent room-to-room comfort with fewer drafts

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Help seal out pollutants and allergens to create a healthier indoor environment

Prevent Moisture Intrusion

Reduce conditions that can lead to mold growth within the wall system

Diminish Outside Noise

Up to 40% reduction in outside noise from traffic and neighbors

Defend Against Insects And Pests

Seal gaps and holes to create the first line of defense against critters and pests

You need more than traditional building insulation systems to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your new home. Aeroseal Envelope does this for you. 

Why Does All This Matter? Because air leakage…

Is typically the largest driver of energy use in the home, comprising 30% to 70% of energy wasted on heating and cooling.
It is usually the biggest contributing factor for drafts, hot/cold spots, and other comfort issues in a home.
Often the largest contributor to moisture problems, especially mold and mildew.

How Does Aeroseal Envelope Seal the Leaks? 

During the application, the ingenious Aeroseal Envelope system seeks out and closes hundreds, if not thousands, of troublesome air leaks in your new home.  The product is applied after the drywall has been installed.  The process generally takes less than one day, so it won’t slow the pace of construction. Once completed, the construction process proceeds normally, and you enjoy greater comfort and lower energy bills in your new home.

The issue of air tightness extends beyond the wall and attic insulation systems. 

Even with these systems, uncontrolled air leakage still impacts energy efficiency and becomes a conduit for unwanted moisture, risking building failure and costly repairs. Given that air currents are the primary carriers of moisture in buildings, air sealing is imperative. Additionally, leaky houses introduce dust, allergens, pollutants, and airborne particles, compromising indoor air quality. Enhancing air tightness is a cost-effective strategy to reduce heating and cooling expenses, improve durability, elevate comfort, and foster a healthier indoor environment. 



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